Quatre Films is a Valencian audiovisual production studio. We specialize in the production of online video content and educational videos.

We are also very proud of our years of experience in the creation of video advertisements, corporate videos, audiovisual content for presentations and pitches as well as news reportages and documentaries.

Quatre Films also executes multi-camera AV productions, both live or recorded, for any type of events and shows.

We are passionate about documentaries, fiction movies, musical videos!


    Whether you want to promote your business, your service, your product or you want cover an event, Quatre Films will provide the expertise, advise, talent and of course lots of energy!


    Quatre Films combines tons of creativity with the latest technologies to convey your message in the most captivating way.


    Video is the most powerful tool to communicate your message to your target audience. Quatre Films uses the latest media and production services.



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Human Fest: Our commitment to society

At Quatre Films we love our work; we are passionate about movies and audiovisual projects. We think that images have the power to change the World we live in. We wanted to use our talent and know how to contribute to improve our society. Together with the Fundación por la Justicia we organize Humans Fest.

Humans Fest is an International Human Rights Cinema Festival that takes place every year in Valencia, Spain.

The goal is to create awareness through art and culture about Human Rights. Year after year Humans Fest is becoming a key cultural program to watch the latest International documentary productions centered around Human Rights and the Millennium Development Goals.

Find more information about Humans Fest at the Festival’s website.


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